15 Ways To Use Kosmea Rescue Balm & Why You Should!

Here is a list of just some of the uses for this multi-purpose balm.

Kosmea Rescue Balm

15 Ways To Use Kosmea Rescue Balm & Why You Should!

Thank you to Kosmea, featuring in our March 'Move You' 2020 Beautifully Well Box, for this terrific article.

Kosmea's award-winning Rescue Balm is packed full of natural healing ingredients including rosehip butter, lavender oil, and calendula oil.

The preservative free formula is great for helping with almost any skin concern you might have as it is rich in essential fatty acids, natural vitamin A and antioxidants.

Kosmea Rescue Balm belongs in your handbag as it can help with so many different skin concerns.

Here is a list of just some of the uses for this multi-purpose balm.

1. Apply the balm to cracked heels, pop on some socks overnight and your feet will be super soft come morning!

2. Babies nappy/diaper rash – apply directly onto the affected area and watch any rashes disappear overnight. The best part is there are no nasties in the product that can be harsh on sensitive infant skin.

3. Dry elbows - a great intensive treatment for areas of skin that can be a little dryer such as the elbows.

4. A moisturising lip balm for dry and chapped lips.

5. Nail and cuticles – Rescue Balm contains nourishing ingredients for nail care including Vitamin E. Massage balm into nails and cuticles to stimulate new nail growth and soften skin around the nails.

6. Mosquito bites or any other insect bites – soothes irritation from the bites and heals the skin around these areas.

7. Dry nose – great for anyone who gets a dry nose, particularly on a long flight!

8. Blisters – soothes the pain that blisters can cause and aids the skin in healing a lot faster.

9. Burns - helps soothe pain from burns on the skin, even better when used in conjunction with our Certified Organic Rosehip Oil!

10. Add to hair as a wax for styling - warm up a small amount of the balm in your hands and it can be used as a styling wax for hair.

11. For extremely dry hands – the ointment provides a thick barrier for dry, damaged hands that have been working hard. Great for outdoor workers.

12. Cracked nipples – the balm can be used by breast feeding mothers suffering from cracked and dry nipples. It is safe for both mother and baby.

13. Shaving rash – this balm helps to soothe just about anything! Skin will calm down and be less irritated.

14. Cuts, grazes and bruises – the balm soothes these skin concerns and can help speed up the healing process.

15. Scars – apply balm directly onto scars to heal skin, or before a scar forms to avoid scarring.

Kosmea Scarring Before
Kosmea Scarring After

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