How to Make Your Skin Look and Feel Amazing after the Best Exfoliate!

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What Makes a Cookie Better?

Here at Republic of SKN we love exfoliating it’s our favourite time of the week.
Our skin looks and feels amazing after a good enzyme peel.

We are the first to always say that it’s one of the most Important steps of your skincare routine.
We need to remove the dead skin cell build up so our other active products can penetrate deeper.
But did you know that you can actually over do the exfoliation process and cause your skin harm?
Our skin naturally exfoliates roughly every 28days (depending on our skin type ).
As we get older, our natural exfoliation process slows down so we need to encourage our skin cell renewal turn over with an exfoliation product once to twice a week.

Exfoliating Ingredients should not be in every step of your skincare routine.
If you have a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser with exfoliating properties, your skin will start to become lazy.
Why would the skin naturally desquamate itself if you are doing it up to 4 times a day within your skincare routine?!
The constant exfoliating properties will remove top layers of skin but won’t encourage your skin to preform its natural turn over process.
Your skin will start to look thin, aged, dull, tired and even congested. ⠀⠀⠀
Your exfoliation should be a stand alone product it can have multiply exfoliation properties however only be done max twice a week.
Exfoliation Dont's:⠀
❌ Do not over exfoliate
❌ Do not use harsh or abrasive scrubs - They will scratch the surface of your skin

Exfoliation Dos:
⭐️ Do use chemical exfoliation products they help encourage your natural cell renewal process
⭐️Do exfoliate up to twice a week and love the look and feel of the fresh new skin you have helped surface.

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