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Do You Know How Organic and Natural Makeup really works?

Do You Know How Organic and Natural Makeup really works?

I get asked this question a lot.

A few years back when I was contemplating making the switch to natural beauty I wasn't so sure.

I started my search in health food stores and I wasn't impressed by the limited products on offer at the time and the packaging certainly wasn't appealing. 

I invested in a foundation and a mascara, both of which melted and smudged after a few hours wear.

The ingredients of the products were safe and healthy, however I needed my makeup to last and look fabulous all day.

I was skeptical and initially put off.

As a professional makeup artist working on editorial shoots, fashion look books, advertising campaigns and event makeup,

I need the makeup in my kit to apply flawlessly and be long wearing.

Especially on very long shoot days when shooting under studio lights or out on location in the heat, wind and rain. 

Fast forward a few years and it's clear organic and natural makeup has come a long way.

Green beauty brands understand that women have a high standard of how their makeup should perform.

From its application, the way it feels on the skin, the way it smells, how long it lasts and for many the look of product packaging is important.

Women want the whole package.

It took me over 2 years of tirelessly researching, buying, testing and trialing organic and natural skin care and makeup products in order to find the best high performing green beauty products on the market. 

The images from this campaign shoot for Nudus Australia organic lipstick was shot on location on a sweltering hot day.

This was approximately 5 hours into the shoot and the organic makeup I used looked flawless all day.

To keep the look fresh, I used a primer and touched up with translucent powder over the T-zone.

I don't just use just one or two green makeup brands as I haven't found one brand that formulates their entire product line perfectly.

I have trusted brands from Australia and many international brands.

I have a favourite mascara from one particular brand, a couple of great foundation brands

I use depending on the desired finish and skin types, same with eyeshadow, highlighters, concealer etc.

I can honestly say I don't miss mainstream makeup at all.

I absolutely love the organic and natural makeup in my professional kit and personal makeup bag. I trust them to perform and go the distance. 

I also enjoy inspiring women to make the switch to healthier skin nurturing options that are luxurious, high performing, long lasting, cruelty free and gentle to our environment.

Campaign Shoot for @nudusaustralia | Photographer @lisa_fahey | Organic Makeup Artist @cathytolpiginmakeup | Model @jessicamsong
  • Oct 12, 2018
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