Best 3 Top Tips to Improve your Summer Skin Hydration

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What Makes a Cookie Better?

Hydration, hydration, hydration -
Why you need a face spritz in your daily beauty routine!

Not just a refreshing fix for hot and dehydrated summer skin,
a face spritz has so many added benefits all year round.

Like most skin care products, face spritzes (or mists) are formulated for a specific purpose with skin-loving ingredients helping to:
- soothe skin,
- tighten pores,
- set make-up,
- nourish skin and
- give that healthy-looking dewy glow.

Our Dare To…natural & organic Hydrating Face Spritz, from our Native Botanicals range, is packed full of Botanical Super Fruit Extracts which are high in antioxidants & vitamins to nourish & hydrate the skin together with a combination of soothing Aloe Vera and active anti-ageing Salicylic Acid & Green Tea to de-clog pores and balance uneven skin tone.

Dermatologists have long stressed the benefits of applying skincare when your face is slightly damp so giving your face a few spritzes before applying your serum and/or moisturiser ensures all the amazing ingredients absorb into the skin to reap the full benefits of your skin care routine. With hints of pure essential oils, it’s also great at boosting your mood keeping the mid-afternoon slump at bay!

Top tips:

1. Mix with your favourite powder clay mask instead of water, it will enhance the benefits and add an extra burst of hydration or keep it in the fridge for an instant cool refresh during those hot Australian summer days, don’t forget your décolletage.

2. If possible, avoid direct exposure to the sun. If this is not possible, cover up and use a natural skin care Sun block and re-moisturise a soon as you have an opportunity.

3. Always use skin care products bursting with natural plant extracts, oils & butters that hydrate, moisturise & nourish as nature intended

With a face mist sold every 3 minutes in France and almost guaranteed to be found on most beauty editors desks, it’s no wonder this little bottle of skin food goodness is fast becoming a must have beauty product.
Ideal handbag size for pre or post gym or yoga workouts, flying around the country or everyday hydration & radiance boost!

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