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Is your New Years Resolutions a waste of your time?

Making New Year's Resolutions? Read this first.

Let’s be real here.

New Years resolutions can be a waste of your time.

Stats show that only 8% of people actually achieve them. 

  • Losing weight,
  • cutting down on drinking,
  • quitting smoking and
  • spending less

are some of the most popular resolutions.

Each year we make these strong promises to ourselves, only to falter and feel defeated in the first few challenges faced with said resolution.

We’re putting the horse before the cart here, and we tend to underestimate the process of change for ourselves.

But whose to say that you can’t do it this year? 2021 is YOUR year girl!

After a period of reflection we all have at the end of the year, the dawn of a new one can bring courage to tackle those pesky resolutions you made previously.

We’re going to encourage you to take a step back, and be honest yourself.

Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise
-Sigmund Freud

Really choose a goal, and stick with it. Research has shown we’re more likely to reach a goal if it is specific and attainable.

Why make a list with those previous resolutions?

The only thing that is constant in life is change, so switch it up for a real challenge.

There’s a lot of tips out there to help you reach your goal, and by all means, do your homework! Arm yourself with as much information as possible to get motivated.

Get inspired with a personal mantra when the hill feels like a mountain.

Make the next twelve months count for this goal - set yourself up with small victories for each milestone.

The road will be filled with ups and downs, but the most important part is to enjoy the journey.

Take hold of 2021

and run ahead.

We’re here for you at BWB and want to know what your goal is!

Will you share yours with us?

The next twelve months we are taking a journey on improving our well being.

We will be exploring mindfulness, movement, nourishment, self-love and mental health to name a few.

Join us! We want to hear from you and experience each month through the valleys and mountains. It’s going to be a beautiful year!

Have a great Year and Stay True to Yourself - Beautiful Well Box

  • Dec 27, 2019
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