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Now you Can Stress Less and Relax with Love Ludie Soy Candle

Stress Less with Love Ludie Soy Candle

There’s never enough time during the holidays.

Especially for yourself. From buying gifts, to wrapping them, cooking a full on meal, seeing “those” family members (we all have them) it can become a HANDFUL.

The silly season is upon us for 2020, and we’d like to remind you to take a breath and relax, turn the phone off and surround yourself with comfort.

Here at BWB, we’re excited to share a beautiful hand poured soy candle from Love Ludie, a Torquay based company created by Jenna Hutchinson.

Soy candles are non toxic and burn longer, and they emit a stronger aroma.

Did you know our sense of smell is connected to the limbic system, which supports a variety of functions that include memory, emotions and arousal?

Particular scents can promote positive memories and evoke a sense of calm (which we all need right now!) Scented candles are super helpful in alleviating stress and a diversity of ailments; the soft glow of a flame is a fantastic way to soothe your mind.

We encourage you to light up daily!

At Love Ludie, Jenna hand pours each candle in her family home where she personally oversees every aspect of the business.

She is endlessly inspired by her travels, which helps her create dreamy scents to whisk you away during the holidays.

The name ‘Ludie’ comes from her imaginary friend growing up, this powerful imagination has led her to owning a beautiful small business that we are proud to share with you.

Merry Christmas lovelies, can’t wait to share our twelve months of wellness with you!

  • Dec 13, 2017
  • Category: Lifestyle
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