How to Transition to an All Natural Deodorant

Thank you to Bare & Free, featuring in our November 2019 BWB, for this terrific article. 

How to Transition to an All Natural Deodorant

When I created Bare & Free, there was one thing on my mind – I wanted a natural alternative that not only masked odours and kept me feeling fresh but something that was fun and smelt amazing!

And so the journey of Bare + Free started back in April 2018.

I’m Marianne, the founder of this new lifestyle brand.  I’m passionate about living a balanced life while still enjoying simple pleasures. I’m a lover of the tropical lifestyle and our beautiful beaches and ocean.

What is Bare + Free?

Who are we and what is Bare + Free?

 I’m here to explain what our product is all about and how using our deodorant will hopefully encourage you to switch from mainstream antiperspirants / deodorants to a natural alternative.

No longer do we think of hippies when it comes to a natural alternative, most of us are now being more conscious about what products we use and where they come from.

Bare and Free Deodorant


All natural ingredients

Our deodorant is packed full of natural nourishing and protective ingredients.  Our unique formula contains a base of;

  • coconut oil,
  • bicarbonate soda,
  • bees wax
  • and corn starch

to nourish the skin, mask odours and absorb moisture, while the pineapple extracts gently removes dead skin cells and reduces bacteria on the skins surface, while the sunflower, calendula and lime oils provide anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

All these ingredients, plus our signature scent, go into making a fun, fresh and tropical scented product inspired by Queensland’s coastal locations and the active outdoor lifestyle we enjoy. 

Our deodorant is 100% natural and made right here in Australia. 

Wearing our deodorant, you’d wish you were away on a tropical island, swinging in a hammock under the palm trees reading your favourite book.

Now there’s a thought…

With zero sulphates, parabens or hard to pronounce ingredients, transitioning to a natural alternative reduces your chemical intake all while improving your health. 

Bare + Free is designed to let your body do what it’s supposed to do naturally without the odours.

It is so safe in fact, that your teenage kids can use our deodorant!

My teenage daughters have been using Bare + Free for 18 months and love it! Although Miss 15 was a bit sceptical at the start, she slowly transitioned and is now my biggest fan! Winner!

While on the topic of transition, I often get asked about the transition from supermarket deodorants to a natural deodorant. ]

Well the process is relatively simple but it does take a few weeks for your body to transition. 

After all, you’re going from aluminium filled sweat glands that have been clogged for years to chemical free!

The key is to be consistent and patient and your body will love you for it!  One tube of deodorant generally lasts a minimum of 2 months.

Our Packaging

When wearing our tropical inspired deodorant, we want you to be taken on a journey.

Our packaging colours symbolise relaxation, serenity and freshness.

The hazy blue, aqua and seagrass green all elements of the sun, sea and sand, while our tube packaging makes dispensing and travelling with super easy and convenient. 

Let us transport you to a natural tropical destination where you live a balanced lifestyle with minimal toxins.

Are you ready to make the switch?

Bare = Free Deodorant


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