How to Make a Healthy Cookie Recipe Better!

How to Make a Healthy Cookie Recipe Better!

Thank you to Ellas Wisdom, featuring in our November 'Celebrate You' 2020 Beautifully Well Box, for this terrific article.

What Makes a Healthy Cookie Better?

Despite no previous knowledge in business, branding, funding, or a stable visa, Al saw in Ella’s creativity a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and chose to seize on it.
After years of trial and error, multiple failures and dozens of products released on the market, the Newkind of Cookie Recipe came to her as a solution.

The main drive behind it?

The power of inclusivity.

During many years in the health and wellness industry, one of the things we realised was that while there were plenty of different options for one or two dietary requirements, mums with kids with multiple or different allergies were having an incredibly tough time providing safe, healthy and satisfying treats to their family.
With the Newkind of cookie recipes, nobody feels left out and nobody misses out, not even a bit.

Ellas Wisdom Healthy Cookies

They cover all your most common allergens,

  • they’re FODMAP and Coeliac Certified,
  • Vegan friendly,
  • lower in sugar and calories 
  • free from refined sugar, palm oil,
  • GMO or trans-fats free,

and, they taste just like a crunchy, homemade cookie should taste like, baked with love for you.

That’s not bad is it?

They’re also manufactured in Jindabyne, NSW by an  iconic Aussie cookie manufacturer in the Snowy Mountains.

Healthy Cookies

The Newkind of Cookies are a perfect on the go snack  for anyone who’s after a no-brainer kind of snack, a great companion to your morning cold brew, and a little secret in mums pocket to always have a safe, tasty and satisfying cookie for their bubs!
It’s also unbelievable for an ice cream sandwich, and we’re looking for partners to make the first allergen-free ice cream sandwich as well.

Ella and the team are finally very proud to be offering the best version ever of their Newkind of Cookies,.

Share them with someone you love, and help us create more inclusivity through something as simple and tasty as a chocolate chip cookie!

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