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Simple and Healthy Sweetener Swap to Replace Sugar in Your Diet!

Try this simple and healthy sweetener swap to replace the sugar in your diet!⁣


Now you can enjoy your tea, coffee, cooking and baking with almost zero calories or carbohydrates of re-fined sugar!⁣

Everyone knows - too much sugar is bad for your health!

It's addictive, it's... dare we say it... delicious but dangerous!

But it’s everywhere and this can make life tough!

Even trying to choose a healthy alternative sweetener option can be a struggle.

With confusing labels and ever-changing advice on what is and what isn’t "healthy", life can get to be a struggle.

But we believe it is the small choices we all make every day that contribute to that full, vibrant and balanced life!

So our mission is to help you create your most vibrant and balanced life through consuming sugar-free and sugar-reduced products - which taste as good as (if not better than) the naughty re-fined sugary alternatives!

Our preferred sugar substitute is that from the naturally sweet stevia plant.

We pick high-quality stevia leaves - which taste just like sugar and lack any aftertaste.


Nuvia Stevia leaves sweetener

Nuvia Sweetener is a low-calorie sugar replacement - and as stevia is hardly absorbed by your body - this delicious and natural sweet fix is completely sugar free!⁣

Perfect for use at home or on-the-go.

Packaged in 60 individual and conveniently controlled servings which helps you to avoid over consuming sugar!⁣

We know you may have heard bad reports about artificial sweeteners in the past but these types of sweeteners are all chemical manufactured.

You can believe it!

You can also believe that Nuvia is an all-natural and non-chemical sweetener.

Their plant-based healthy sweetener:

  • is gluten-free,
  • has nothing artificial,
  • is made from high-quality ingredients derived from nature

You'll easily be fooled into thinking this clean, sugar-like taste is actually very bad for you.

But it is definitely not the naughty re-fined "not to be consumed" sugar!⁣


As its nearing Halloween, why not try this healthy, natural sugar alternative with this fantastic recipe.


Relish a FULL SIZE box of Nuvia signature, great-tasting sweetener inside this month’s Toxic-Free September box - helping you simplify your health with nature.⁣

It's time to ditch the unhealthy sugar and make the switch to this sugar-free alternative!


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  • Aug 30, 2021
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