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Honest Healthy Nutrition

These New Probiotic Brekkie Balls are Totally Honest Healthy Nutrition

Thank you to Food For Health featuring in our November 'Celebrate You' 2020 Beautifully Well Box, for this terrific article.

What Makes a Cookie Better?

Food for Health was founded in 2005 by Naturopath, Narelle Plapp, with the motto “we are passionate about health, for everyone”. All Food for Health recipes are developed personally by Narelle and contain no artificial ingredients. Many of the products in the range are FODMAP Friendly, gluten free and fructose free, while some are dairy free or vegan but they are all Totally Honest Healthy Nutrition

Food for Health is proudly Australian owned and made. All products are manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria. From humble handmade beginnings, Food for Health breakfast and snack products are stocked throughout Australia in the health food aisle of Coles, Woolworths, Costco and Independent supermarkets.

brekkie balls mango coconut-

Food for Health's new Probiotic Brekkie Balls are a nutritious, delicious breakfast snack available in three mouth-watering flavours: Mango & Coconut; Cinnamon, Vanilla & Maple; and Blueberry & Vanilla. Best of all, the 40g balls contain up to 75% less sugar than other snack balls on the market. The secret to this guilt-free range is the absence of dates, which have a very high natural sugar content, so Narelle developed the Probiotic Brekkie Balls using Aussie grown oats as the base ingredient. As well as being low in sugar, Food for Health’s Probiotic Brekkie Balls are vegan and two of the varieties – Mango & Coconut and Cinnamon, Vanilla & Maple – are certified FODMAP Friendly.

Narelle and the team at Food for Health know that it’s not always easy to organise a healthy breakfast when you’ve got a hectic day ahead. Food for Health’s Probiotic Brekkie Balls are a quick and convenient way to ensure you have a nutritious start to the day, without compromising on taste! The balls aren’t reserved just for mornings and can be enjoyed around the clock. They come in packs of five, so take a box to work and leave some in the desk drawer or keep some in your handbag for that Healthy Nutrition Snack for On-the-Go.

For more information on Food for Health products and to find stockists, visit, or @lovefoodforhealth on Instagram. 

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  • Apr 06, 2021
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