In Need of an Organic Protein Powder that is Clean & Wholesome?

Thank you to Inca Organics, featuring in our December 'Happy & Healthy You' Beautifully Well Box, for this terrific article.

Organic Protein Powder | Beautifully Well Box

In Need of an Organic Protein Powder that is Clean & Wholesome?

“Nothing to hide. Everything to show off.” is the motto behind INCA Organics, a premium lifestyle and active nutrition brand based in Melbourne.

Their unique range of certified organic protein powder & superfood powders uses only 1-5 pure ingredients for maximum potency. No unnecessary fillers, GMO, artificial or so called ‘natural’ flavours.

Unlike so many protein powders on the market that contain a long list of ingredients, fillers, artificial additives INCA stands out from the crowd by taking a minimalistic, less is more approach, to nutrition focusing on transparency, traceability and sustainability.

A Hemp Organic Protein Powder like No Other

INCA Organics plant-based hemp organic protein powder features a superior protein content of 65%, as well as an excellent nutritional and flavour profile.

It is produced using certified organic raw hemp seeds, grown by Canadian farmers who follow best practice organic farming methods.
Hemp protein is nowadays produced in many countries such as China, Europe, India etc.

INCA Organics chooses Canada as they follow established sustainable, organic farming practices resulting in a superior grade hemp.

The protein is produced using whole hemp seeds that are cold-pressed to expel the oil, leaving behind a dry “cake.”

This cake is then milled at low temperatures to remove some of the fibre and produce a concentrated form of protein.

The low temperature and minimal processing ensure that nutritional and functional properties are maintained.

The final product is blended and packed here in Australia in a certified organic production facility with independent lab testing ensuring the quality of the product.

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Organic Protein Powder | Beautifully Well Box

Organic Protein Powder Benefits

The role of protein spans well beyond building strong and lean muscles.
Protein is essential to our health, skin, hair, nails, bones and immune system.
The body requires protein to function properly.

Hemp is considered as one of the richest sources of plant protein found in nature providing your body with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to support optimal health and wellbeing.

It is an incredibly nutritious food and known for having a long list of health benefits.

It is considered a “complete protein’ containing all 9 essential amino acids that cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained from food.

Features of Inca Organics Hemp Organic Protein Powder

• High quality, complete plant-based protein
• ACO Certified Organic
• Minimal ingredients for maximum potency
• Rich in Protein (65% Protein)
• Healthy 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids
• Contains Essential vitamins and minerals
• Contains significant quantities of Amino acids - including all the essential amino acids.
• Free of GMO, fillers and artificial additives.
• No added sugar, artificial or ‘natural’ flavours

Get Started with your very own December 'Happy & Healthy You' Beautifully Well Box

Organic Protein Powder | Beautifully Well BoxOrganic Protein Powder | Beautifully Well Box
A Versatile Ingredient

Hemp protein is a great choice for people who following a vegan or vegetarian diet and for those who prefer a less processed protein source.

It is a great alternative to rice, pea and soy and for people with dairy or soy allergies.

Hemp protein powder has a greenish to tan colour with an earthy and nutty taste profile.
For a milder taste it is recommended to use less hemp powder.

It is very versatile and can be enjoyed as a healthy shake or smoothie with your choice of liquid or blended into many applications such as porridge, protein pancakes, energy balls or used in baking.

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This month’s Beautifully Well Box features INCA Organics Organic HEMP+CACAO protein and superfood power.
It consists of Hemp complimented with organic raw cacao and coconut. 

Below are a few recipe suggestions:

Organic Protein Powder | Beautifully Well Box
Hemp Smoothie Recipe

250-300ml almond milk
30g INCA Organics Hemp powder (Use less powder e.g. 1/2 for a milder earthy/nutty flavour)
1 ripe banana
Dash of Honey or Maple Syrup
Blueberries (optional)
Ice cubes (optional)
¼ tsp Cinnamon (to sprinkle)
Blend ingredients until creamy and smooth.
Pour into a glass, sprinkle with cinnamon and serve immediately. 

Organic Protein Powder | Beautifully Well BoxOrganic Protein Powder | Beautifully Well Box
Hemp Energy Balls Recipe

1 cup Medjool pitted dates
3/4 cup rolled oats
3/4 cup almond or peanut butter
1 Tbsp INCA hemp+cacao powder
1/4 cup honey (or maple syrup)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
1-2 Tbsp small chocolate chips

Add dates into a food processor and process until mixture is well combined and sticking together.
Add the other ingredients and pulse/ mix until combined.
Shape dough into small balls. Optional roll balls in shredded coconut.
Store in an airtight container in the fridge (up to a week). 

Organic Protein Powder | Beautifully Well Box
Hemp Banana Protein Pancakes Recipe

1 ripe banana
2 eggs
½ cup almond or whole wheat flour
1-2 Tbsp INCA Organics Hemp+Cacao
protein powder
½ Tbsp vanilla extract
¼ tsp cinnamon
pinch of salt
splash of your favourite milk/plant milk
coconut oil (for frying pancakes)

Yogurt mixed with honey, berries, peanut butter, cinnamon or drizzle with organic raw honey or maple syrup for added sweetness.

Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until smooth.
Thin the batter out with a little bit of your chosen milk.
Add batter to preheated, non-stick pan (lightly grease with little coconut oil in between batches).
Using approx. 1/4 cup mixture per pancake, cook for ca. 2 min or until bubbles appear on the surface.
Flip and cook for a further 1- 2 min or until cooked through.
Serve with toppings of choice and enjoy! 

Organic Protein Powder | Beautifully Well BoxOrganic Protein Powder | Beautifully Well Box

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