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What Protein Powder is Best?

What Protein Powder is Best?

It's a very common question that is asked often...





If you find yourself bloated and in agony from whey protein...

And that pea or rice protein tastes like chalk...

You need to make this switch!⁣

Tony Sfeir Designer Physique has a one-of-a-kind 100% Natural Vege Pro Carob Protein Powder which is absolutely unprocessed making it highly digestible to relieve the problem of stomach pains and bloating.

To find out more about the health benefits of Carob Protein Powder, pop over to their website and read this article -

Containing protein derived from edible carob seeds that haven’t been modified, these carob pods are super nutrient-dense and allergy-friendly.⁣⁣

Carob has a nuttier, more neutral flavour, a smoother consistency and is vegan friendly.⁣

Click the below link to find out more and why these Carob trees are known as a “St. John’s bread tree” in Egypt -

3 Things You May Not Know About Carob Protein, Including Its Historical and Beneficial Uses

Carob Powder info

So if you’re looking for the best plant protein powder that is packed with nutrients and completely raw - Vege Pro Carob Protein Powder is the one for you!

Raw Carob Powder

Ditch your current dirt-tasting plant protein powder and switch to this versatile, delicious and 100% raw alternative from inside this month’s Toxic-Free August box.⁣

Who is ready to upgrade their protein powder and say goodbye to the sore tummy aftermath?

Taste buds now have you tingling for some healthy protein snacks? Check out these delicious and nutritious protein balls from Emma & Tom's, previously featured in Beautifully Well Box -

Hanging for some more healthy protein powder recipes? Available here (these incredible brands have also previously featured in our Beautifully Well Boxes) -

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  • Aug 12, 2021
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