One Hot Yoga - Sydney & Melbourne


One Hot Yoga balances ancient practice with contemporary lifestyles. The studios are the result of a decade of inquiry into Meaningful Movement from yogi Lucinda Mills, combined with Rob Mills’ mastery of design. Together, they’ve re-imagined a traditional practice, defining a western physical philosophy through modern knowledge and striking architecture.

Both the Melbourne and Sydney studios are dedicated to movement and mindfulness, where everything from the contemporary design and advanced heating system to the signature scent and rain showers have been meticulously considered. The environment blends seamlessly with the practice ritual – from the moment you walk in to the second you leave, every element contributes to the experience.

One opened back in 2012 as the first core body temperature hot yoga studio in the world, One changed the game forever. They have continued to evolve and expand, incorporating the elegance and power of Pilates to our Yoga offering, and becoming national in March 2016 with the opening of their Potts Point studio. One is a uniquely modern idea; philosophy engaged with through the body, rather than a discourse of the mind. A spirituality that embraces emotion, sweat and pleasure. A sacred space that is respectful, welcoming and looks and feels gorgeous. One's vision is nothing short of world peace; one brilliantly guided meaningful movement class in architect designed studios at a time. As individuals we are one, but as One we are complete.

Visit One with their Two Week Taster, including unlimited Mat classes and 6 x Reformer Pilates for only $50. 

Check out One's South Yarra schedule here and the Potts Point schedule here.