Beautifully Well Box - Kim, Owner/Director

"Beautifully Well Box is a community of like-minded women who are interested in living a less-toxic lifestyle through making the switch to Natural, Clean and Green Beauty, Wellness, Health, Fitness, Lifestyle and Nutrition products.

A Community where they can make new friends, feel safe, supported and uplifted.
Where they can create deep and meaningful conversations with their new girlfriends,
get advice, not feel judged and know that their thoughts and opinions are respected

With every conversation you have and every product you ditch (to make the switch to non-toxic), youโ€™re moving one step closer towards living a safer, less-toxic, all-natural lifestyle that will greatly benefit you and your family.

Live Beautifully Well With Us!"

Kim Whitehead - Owner/Director


Meet The Owner...

Beautifully Well Box - Kim, Owner/Director

Hello Beautiful!

My name is Kim and I am the Owner of Beautifully Well Box.
Thank you for stopping by :)

Sharing my love of truly natural beauty, wellness, health, lifestyle and fitness products is the life behind Beautifully Well Box. Discovering the latest must-have
items (without having to hunt them down)
is so exciting and to have a beautiful package delivered to your door monthly is an amazing gift of self-love (or incredible gift of giving to someone close to you).

I personally ensure that every box is made with love and designed to inspire you to #livebeautifullywell

From an early age, I enjoyed competing as a gymnast, acrobat, diver, dancer and cheerleader. It was this intense training that really ignited a fire in my belly and set me up to live a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle into my adulthood. Wanting to know more, I studied and became a Personal Trainer and also went on to manage a gym.

Being able to, and knowing how to, move and nourish my body in all the right ways is so fulfilling and something I donโ€™t take for granted! Though it is the act of educating and sharing this with my Beautifully Well Box Family that is the most rewarding!

Let me, and the beautiful selection of truly natural, cruelty-free products, take you on a journey to self-care each month and show you how good it feels to nurture your body inside and out.

We are a wholly Australian owned business based on the beautiful Gold Coast.
We ship all over Australia (free shipping included) so I would love for you to Shop Local and Support Us!

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Meet Her Second Hand Man...

Beautifully Well Box - Sir Larry Puppy

And this is my Beautiful Puppy - his name is Larry ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ’™

He's super friendly, loves attention, is addicted to fetch, walks and swims.

He smothers everyone in licks and love :)

You will see him from time to time on our Beautifully Well Box socials!


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