Indah Active Recovery Oil

Indah Active Recovery Oil


What makes this special?

Indah's active recovery face oil focuses on powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients preventing moisture loss. Indah's face oil may help your skin prevent & recover from free-radical damage & ensure future skin health.


  • Assists skin to recover to a normal state of health
  • Prevents water loss from the skin's delicate tissues
  • Hydrates skin to help fight wrinkles &, therefore, smoother complexion
  • The perfect choice for mature, dry skin, blemished skin & vegans

A note from Indah founder Teisha

Teisha’s mantra of simplicity in beauty is perfectly reflected in The Active Recovery Oil, she says, “Many face products are more complicated than they need to be, the length of the ingredient list is not a sign of the efficacy. I knew these two beautiful oils would work magic together on our delicate facial skin, which is bombarded with so much.”

This product is also especially dear to Teisha’s heart thanks to her roots growing up in Western Australia. As soon as she discovered Fragonia she knew she had to use it, “The oil is not only new, but quite rare & only grown in this area. It means the world to me as I’m very much connected to my motherland & Indigenous Australians.”

How to use

Add a small amount in the palm of your hand & apply to areas that require attention on your face, neck & décolletage, we also recommend using as a primer before applying foundation.


100% Real & Premium Quality: Australian Virgin Macadamia Oil & Wild Fragonia Oil from Indigenous areas of South Western Australia.


Indah Active Recovery Oil

Indah Active Recovery Oil

Indah Active Recovery Oil
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