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How to Easily Remove your Heavy Makeup with this Game Changer!

How to Easily Remove your Heavy Makeup with this Game Changer!

I’ve been out all day - meetings, meetings and more meetings.

So… I had to look my best!

That meant wearing heavy makeup that lasted all day!

When I finally got home, I looked in the mirror…

Yep, the part I dreaded! So much makeup that needed to be removed now, before I went to bed.

As we all know, when it comes to our face - which generally sees the most sun exposure and the most makeup – it is the most delicate part of our skin.

That is why is it so important to have a healthy facial skin care routine, to always start with cleansing and removing makeup, especially before bed.

Because, as I’m sure you are aware, if your pores are clogged with makeup and grime from the day, it makes your skins ability to maintain good health almost impossible.

So, with face skin being so sensitive, it makes sense to always use a good chemical-free solution to remove your makeup and clean your face.

Trust me, I know that from experience!

Ten years ago, I suffered from an extremely bad allergy due to one of the makeup items I used, and that mistake took my skin 3 years to return back to normal.

During that time, I lost my self-confidence, I didn’t want to go out, and I was very self-conscious. I was always feeling insecure about how people would react when they looked at my face filled with acne.

Eventually I managed to get my trouble under control and cured.

From that horrible experience, I learnt that one of the most simple yet often overlooked reason’s for skin troubles was because of over-exposing our face to harsh chemicals.

As a beauty addict who loves to wear colorful makeup on a daily basis, it became extremely important for me to remove my makeup every evening before bed.

And that made me wonder….

Was there a way to remove my heavy makeup and somehow clean my face magically, without having to use harsh chemicals every day?

Slowly, I learned new ways and found that there are safer alternatives to using harsh chemicals…

And then it happened!

I literally developed a “Game Changer”.

“Game Changer” is a chemical-free makeup remover that allows you to clean your face just by adding water. No harsh, nasty chemicals needed.

This 3-layer micro-fiber technology makeup removal round allows the fiber to deeply penetrate into the pores, thus removing makeup and dirt from your skin easily and effectively.

Burmese Makeup remover Game Changer

Better yet, they are also reusable, recyclable and not harmful to your skin.

“Game Changer’’ is a sustainable alternative to single-use cotton pads, eco-consciously designed to reduce waste to the landfill.

Each ‘’Game Changer’’ can be used multiple times to remove heavy makeup and normal day-to-day skincare products – without any wastage!

They have a durable design which can be used and washed on repeat and when they reach their limit, the bamboo-cotton blend is entirely compostable.

Simply rinse, reuse and repeat!

Burmese Makeup remover Game Changer

The ultra-soft rounds easily erase excess makeup and grime from pores leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean and replenished.

This “Game Changer” is now all I use to keep my face skin allergen free and glowing!

Find your very own packet of Eco-Friendly “Game Changer” Makeup Remover rounds inside this month’s Toxic-Free April Beautifully Well Box.

Game Changer Makeup Removal Pad



  • Apr 07, 2021
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