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How to Get Amazing, Beautiful Skin quickly! Brush, Mask, Moisturise

Thank you to Bodibar, featured in our September 2019 BWB, for this terrific article. 

How to Get Amazing, Beautiful Skin quickly! Brush, Mask, Moisturise

Beautiful skin really starts with hydration.

Research tells us that dry skin not only looks older but acts older.

So why would we choose to be older than we need to be?

The good news is there’s a fix to this lazy issue and it’s called consistency.  Finding your own technique is paramount so you can enjoy the time you spend with your skin.

Twice or three times a week is enough, but keep at it.

Following a regime that is easy, with as little downtime as possible is important.

Here’s our guide to 3 simple steps that will have you seeing results after the first skin session. 

STEP ONE…Brush Brush Brush.....

If you’ve never tried this before, you could be in for some obsessive behaviour.

Dry body brushing is addictive.

Take our word for it because it wakes your skin up and literally makes it tingle with joy.

But that’s not the only blessing – dry body brushing actually has a long list of benefits that make it an essential part of the healthy skin journey. 

Make it a 2-minute ritual to brush before you step into the shower or better yet brush your skin wet.

You’ll reap the benefits either way. 

Here is a collection of some of our favorite brushes made from natural bristle which are softer on the skin and easy to keep clean. 


We sheet mask, we hair mask, we take mask selfies, but one segment of the masking world still remains in the shadows.

Body masking, like its face counterpart, can achieve extraordinary results for a number of skin issues.

And be it one made from mud, brings mother natures clay goodness into play.

Bodibar Beauty Mud Masks

If it’s your first time trying a mud body mask, the secret is to step into a hot, not warm, bath or shower so your skin gets really soft and your pores open, ready for nourishment.

The Australian Bodibar range of mud masks were created as a 2-in-1 scrub and mask to treat different types of skin, from sun-damaged, to sensitive, to severely dry.

And the best part? There is no waiting time to dry. You simply apply and massage into your skin then wash off. You will notice immediately how much softer and supple your skin is. 

STEP THREE…Moisturise

If you are making the effort, then make it all the way.

Don’t skimp on moisturising especially after you step out of the shower. At that point your skin has a higher concentration of moisture so it’s the best time to trap some of that water on your skin. +

In the warmer months, a body oil works wonders and feels light on the skin. These luxe body oils were designed to ultimately protect without any residue, giving the skin a smooth finish with a beautiful subtle fragrance.

Bodi Oils

In the cooler months, the body oils are perfect to blend with your favourite lotion for a super dose of hydration. 

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