Beautifully Well Box Packaging is

Eco Friendly!

Kim, Owner of Beautifully Well Box, explains how the Beautifully Well Box packaging is good for the environment!

Our boxes:⁣
White. Plain. Simple.⁣
Why? They’re Cardboard = 100% Recycled = Eco friendly.⁣
No dyes or harmful chemicals used to make the boxes look “pretty” (only to be thrown away). ⁣
Just the same as our beautiful all-natural products help you look after your body, we are doing the same for the environment!⁣

Our tissue paper:⁣
Also sustainable packaging @noissuetissue⁣
Keeps your products nicely together in the box, safe and secure (thicker paper doesn’t tear which I love)!⁣
A nice eco-friendly experience when you open your box, you know it’s not tarnished with all non-recycled materials. ⁣

Our Stickers:⁣
Bigger sticker for the outside of the box which keeps the box tightly closed so your products are nice and safe inside the box. The tissue paper helps to not rattle your contents around or cause breakages.⁣

Smaller stickers for the inside of the box which holds the tissue paper together nicely.⁣
When you open the box you will read on the sticker “Thank you for choosing to Live Beautifully Well with us”.⁣
A monthly reminder to say thank you for your support and that you are very much appreciated.⁣

I find behind-the-scenes videos like this so interesting! I hope you do too?⁣
Comment below if you do! ⁣
Also let me know what other videos you’d like to see!⁣

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