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Your Mouth Deserve Better Oral Care Avoid the Toxic Ten with Gem

Your Mouth Deserves Better Oral Care! Avoid the Toxic Ten with Gem!

Gem was founded on a simple belief:

Your mouth deserves better.

Why bother slathering ourselves top to toe with organic creams, scrubs and natural deodorants only to bookend each day with a big ol’ mouthful of chemicals?

Well, Because...

There was no viable, appealing or effective alternative.

Until Gem. 

 Gem toothpaste

Australian owned and made, Gem creates natural, non-toxic oral care products that do exactly what they’re supposed to -

But, without all the nasties!

You get fresh breath, clean teeth, ship-shape microbiome –

Gem’s got it all covered with our range of premium-quality oral care products:

  • Natural, non-toxic toothpastes in Coconut Mint, Apple Mint, Crisp Mint and Cinnamon Mint 
  • Sustainable Toothpaste Bites
  • Low-sensitivity Whitening Pen
  • Crisp mint Breath Spray
  • All-natural Mouthwash 
  • Biodegradable, Plant-Based Floss

Gem prides itself on producing flawless products, using high-quality formulations and first-class ingredients.

Steered by rigorous research and development, backed by dentists, crafted with superior natural ingredients, and tested thoroughly for safety and efficiency.

Gem is what happens when science and nature make out. 

Today’s crowd is switched on, Savvy and serious about knowing what goes into the products they buy. Consumers want to know exactly what they’re;

  • eating,
  • drinking,
  • putting on their skin,
  • in their hair and
  • in their bodies.

Yet somehow conventional oral care has taken a while to register on radars as a product teeming with toxic ingredients.

We’re talking about up to 20 chemicals, some of which are also found in antifreeze, rat poison and toilet cleaner.

It goes without saying that whatever helps kill a rat or clean a toilet shouldn’t be anywhere near your mouths. 

Gem toothpaste


Let’s talk microbiomes:

OK so you’ve never heard of a microbiome, here's a quick definition:

 The microorganisms in a particular environment (including the body or a part of the body).
"we depend on a vast army of microbes to stay alive: a microbiome that protects us against germs, breaks down food to release energy, and produces vitamins"


Get this:

More than 45% of bacteria in the mouth are also found in the gut.

It follows that a healthy oral microbiome is a precursor to a healthy gut microbiome.

And a healthy gut microbiome is critical for our overall health and wellbeing. 

 The oral microbiome deals with: 

  • Tooth remineralisation
  • Removing waste from the mouth
  • Carrying oxygen to our gums 
  • Protecting us from damaging external organisms that enter the mouth.

    The health of our gut and oral microbiomes is dependent on a balance of good and bad bacteria.

    An imbalance of bacteria in the mouth can lead to inflammation, illness and disease – just like it does in the gut.

    In oral care lingo, that can mean tooth decay, gingivitis and oral thrush. 

    When good bacteria flourish, gums are well oxygenated and appear pink.

    Teeth feel clean and fresh.

    When your oral microbiome is too thick, you might experience symptoms like tooth decay, bad breath or gum disease.

    If your oral microbiome is too thin, you might suffer from ulcers and sensitive teeth.

    With its carefully considered natural ingredients, Gem helps mouths cultivate the sweet spot – a balanced and healthy microbiome, unsullied by the Toxic 10 ingredients commonly found in conventional toothpastes.

    These 10 Toxic nasties don’t mess around, nuking good and bad bacteria indiscriminately and messing with the balance of your oral microbiome. 

    Meet the Toxic 10 (then throw them in the bin)


    It doesn’t sound like something you’d want to swallow, so why let it anywhere near your mouth? Titanium dioxide is an inorganic chemical compound added as a colorant to make toothpaste white. Some evidence suggests that nanoparticles in titanium dioxide may prompt toxic effects in your brain and cause nerve damage; some may even be carcinogenic.

    It’s a big no from us...    


    So, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned this pesticide in soap and body wash,

    Yet, it’s still in our mainstream toothpastes due to its antibacterial properties.


    Triclosan acts as a ‘nuke’, eliminating the mouth’s good and bad bacteria.

    This causes an imbalance that can lead to dry mouth, bad breath and adversely affects your body’s natural ability to build resistance to infection and disease.

    #3 SLS:

    Sodium lauryl sulfate – aka SLS – is used as a surfactant, detergent denaturant in various industrial cleaners and cosmetics.

    In conventional toothpastes, it serves as a foaming agent.

    This chemical compound irritates the mouth and strips its lining, which can lead to:

    • irritation,
    • canker sores and
    • organ toxicity.

    Approximately 16,000 studies have uncovered the toxic nature of this chemical, which is frequently used as an insecticide.

    #4 FLUORIDE:

    It’s highly concerning that the FDA has never approved fluoride as effective and safe for use in the US. Even though fluoride is a chemical that can aid remineralisation of tooth structure and prevent cavities, it’s also a neurotoxin, which can be dangerous to our health.

    It’s one of four ingredients in sarin nerve gas and is found in:

    • insecticides,
    • wood preservatives,
    • fungicides and
    • rat poison (it causes stomach lesions that see the rat bleed to death).

    Fluoride is also known to be an endocrine disruptor (endocrine glands secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream), affecting the brain, bones, thyroid gland, pineal gland, blood sugar levels and hormones. 

    But remineralisation is important, right?


    It’s why Gem replaces fluoride with hydroxyapatite, a natural, coconut-derived compound proven to remineralise teeth as effectively as fluoride, but without the controversy.

    Hydroxyapatite has been a dentistry gold-standard in Japan for over 40 years.

    It’s also the main mineral in the makeup of our teeth and bones.

    It is a proven, safe alternative to fluoride and is entirely non-toxic – no poison warnings needed.

    If you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to read our science and research document here -

    #5 PARABENS:

    Parabens are chemicals used as preservatives to increase toothpaste’s shelf life.

    However, some research suggests parabens mimic estrogen, disrupting the hormone’s function.

    It’s also suspected that parabens can be endocrine disruptors, which prompts concerns around links to cancers, as well as developmental and reproductive issues.


    Highly toxic to humans, this synthetic chemical compound is used as a surfactant in toothpaste to confer a smooth texture.

    It’s also found in antifreeze and paint.

    Propylene Glycol is known to irritate the skin, eyes, lungs and mucous membranes.

    #7 DEA:

    In mainstream toothpaste, DEA is the compound that makes the paste foam.

    Shown to cause skin and eye irritation – and linked to liver cancer in mice – this harmful ingredient can also be a hormone disruptor, known to cause organic system toxicity.


    To ensure commercial toothpastes are ‘aesthetically pleasing’, artificial toothpaste colours are used. Artificial dyes may contain up to 10% impurities.

    Some of these unwanted ingredients could include arsenic, mercury, lead and carcinogens.

    On top of all that, artificial colourings have been associated with behavioural problems in children.


    Gem is proudly vegan and cruelty-free.

    In Gem’s world, both animals and humans are safe from toxic ingredients. 

    #10 BS:

    It’s boring, exhausting and a total waste of everyone’s time.

    We take out the BS and serve up naturally mint-flavoured truth bombs instead.

    Fiercely transparent, we disclose everything we know in our mission to make the best possible natural oral care products we can. 


    Ready to ditch the Toxic 10?

    Try any Gem bundle today and receive 20% off using the code GEM20 

    Better yet, subscribe – then simply kick back, relax and let Gem deliver to your door at intervals of your choosing.

    Every year, the average person wastes two hours and 20 minutes shopping for toothpaste.

    That’s two hours and 20 minutes that you’re not outside living life in the fresh air, or inside blissfully bingeing Brooklyn Nine-Nine in your ugg boots.

    It’s two precious hours and 20 precious minutes you can take back with a little help from Gem.

     Gem Toothpaste

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