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Collage Boxes and Peaple
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The Best Unique Vegan Collagen Supplement to Enhance Your Skin Beauty!

 The Best Unique Vegan Collagen Supplement to Enhance Your Skin Beauty!



This is your simple answer to maintaining good skin health and supporting collagen formation.

Better yet,


  • Gluten,
  • Yeast,
  • Dairy
  • & Soy

Qsilica is Australia’s leading trusted natural health and wellness beauty brand.

Did you know, most collagen products are animal-sourced?!

This means that a lot of those collagen products are made of the hair, skin and bones of animals.

Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN is a gentle, effective and supportive formula that’s not only kind to the animals but kind to the environment and kind to the body’s natural needs.

Its unique Ceramosides™ and antioxidant ingredients enhances the collagen process naturally. It’s sustainable and effective.

In addition, Qsilica Unique Vegan Collagen Supplement’s hero ingredient- Mineral Silica - which supports:

  • skin health,
  • hair health,
  • nail health and,
  • bone integrity.

Qsilica’s PRO COLLAGEN ONE-A-DAY capsules are formulated using a unique and patented natural wheat seed extract that is known as known as Ceramosides™ which has gained a lot of interest in the skin care world for its potential skin health benefits.

Vegan Acerola Berry.

Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN contains a unique vitamin c ingredient called acerola berry.

Acerola berry is one of the world’s richest sources of vitamin c.

PRO COLLAGEN’s cruelty-free, vegan and natural collagen producing formulation assists connective tissue production and also provides antioxidant benefits.

This PRO COLLAGEN once-daily treatment supports:

  • collagen production,
  • holds antioxidant benefits,
  • supports skin hydration and texture and,
  • assists connective tissue production.

Better yet,

It lets you love the skin you're in and lets animals stay in the skin they're in.

Qsilica is 100% Australian made, owned and loved. 

It’s a testament to the brand for making conscious choices that help you support the wellbeing and fair treatment of animals in the beauty industry,

And support your body’s natural collagen process at the same time.


Now you can make this cruelty-free, vegan-inspired formula collagen your choice every day.

Simply take one capsule per day with a glass of water


 Vegan Collagen Daily Supplement




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