Self-Care is Not Selfish. We Visit a Natural Day Spa

Self-Care is Not Selfish... We Visit a Natural Day Spa

We took some time out recently to visit Earth + Skin, an amazing natural day spa located on the Gold Coast. 

It can be so hard to find time in our everyday routines do something for ourselves and feel genuinely relaxed doing so. Whether that be yoga, walking, cooking, reading or getting a facial (yes please...), creating space to do things for ourselves allows us to be happier in ourselves and our relationships.

We were treated to their Signature Earth and Skin Experience - a mini Earth Massage, Refresh Facial with Jade Stone facial massage. We loved this... not just because it was the most relaxing treatment we've ever had. The facial was completely tailored to our skin type and #skingoals, and every product used was completely natural and cruelty-free. 

We also got to catch up with the beautiful owner Louisa to get her thoughts, advice and tips on self-care and her recommended treatments. 

What's your go-to treatment?
Its hard to pick just one. But being so busy anything that helps me save time in my daily routine. I love sugaring, henna brows and spray tans (I get them most weeks) but what I also love is taking time out to enjoy one of our facials or body treatments. We don't just treat your skin in these but focus on total mind and body relaxation with our chakra guided meditation and Tibetan singing bowls to open and close the treatment. You can be sure to leave feeling like you are walking on a cloud.

What treatment would you recommend to someone on their first visit to you?
Our Earth and Skin experience has been developed for first-timers. With a massage and facial you get to experience why we are different. You get a really good taste of the spa and the
products we use. It is also a great gift for someone if you are unsure what they like.
Saying that, many of our clients come to us for the first time to experience sugaring. I have written plenty of blogs on our website about the benefits but basically if you are sick of the pain of waxing and get ingrown hairs then sugaring is for you. It is vegan, environmentally friendly and totally natural. All our clients who come in for their first brazilian tell us they love it so much they are NEVER waxing again!

What are the benefits of regular treatments? Why is self-care so important?No only do regular treatments help your skin to look amazing but our regular clients also notice a change in their overall wellness. By taking time out for yourself you are consciously saying to yourself, 'I am important'. I developed our direct debit packages to encourage busy women, to take time out for themselves because it is so easy to put everyone else ahead of yourself. The Mother is the most important person in the family. If she is suffering mentally, emotionally, physically it has a huge impact on the rest of the family. I think it is vitally important that as women, we choose to put ourselves first in order to support our families to our best ability. Our Direct Debit packages help women feel that they can do just that. Women have one self-care treatment to enjoy every month without worrying about taking money out of the family budget to fund it.

Keep reading to see our favourite photos from the visit. 

Products Earth and Skin - BWBProducts Earth and Skin - BWB

Products Earth and Skin - BWBProducts Earth and Skin - BWBProducts Earth and Skin - BWBProducts Earth and Skin - BWB

  • Mar 07, 2018
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