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Why You Really Need a Warm Up Exercise.

Why You Really Need a Warm Up Exercise.

If you are involved in physical exercise, it is imperative that the importance of a Warm Up Exercise taking place before any strenuous activity is discussed.

Many people repeatedly ignore going through the warm up stage before working out, not knowing the consequences in doing so. 

Women Stretching

Why Warm Up?

Several changes take place in your body once physical activity is initiated.

During a warm up session, your respiratory rate, blood flow, oxygen and nutrient levels that are delivered to your cells increases dramatically.

This rate of increase should be regulated at a steady pace to prepare your body for the physical stress that exercise will demand.

If you forego this bodily priming procedure, your body will function less efficiently and your workout will produce inadequate quality results.

Warming up prepares your nervous system, heightens mental awareness, alertness, and loosens up joints and muscles to make them less prone to injuries.

Warm ups jump start the fluid located in your joints, minimizing the risk for wear and tear of your muscles. It gives your heart a suitable period to adjust and pump up blood and nutrients into your muscles.

This is especially vital for older people, since they have tissues that are less supple; they have joints with less fluid, and weaker hearts. Sudden exercise can produce heart attacks and problems in other areas to older people. 

Excercise Stretch

So How Do You Warm Up Properly?

Initially, it can be done in any procedure that enables the heart to beat faster.

You can simply walk and/or jog, or if a cardiovascular equipment can be used if available, such as a rowing machine or a bicycle can be utilized.

Start at a gentle pace and then slowly increase the pace until your heartbeat rate increases and your body temperature rises.

It important to note that the pace that you should be in accordance with your current fitness level so that the activity will leave you energized and not exhausted.

After working up a light sweat (suggested time is 3-5 minutes or possibly longer if you are working out in a cold environment), you should also do dynamic stretching. Stretching helps in developing overall flexibility, particularly in the spine, shoulder, and hip areas.

The kind of stretching depends on the type of activity you plan to engage to. For instance, if you are about to play sports, the recommended kind of stretching would be the ones that mimics the movements that will be done in the court or field. If you are about to do martial arts, light sparring can be done in the quarter of the normal speed or just simply do the movements in slow motion.

Be certain that the major muscles groups that you will be using are stretched.

It is necessary to remember to keep your feet moving or do leg exercises whenever the upper body is stretched to prevent your blood from pooling in your legs. Remember, one should only do stretching if the muscles are already warmed up.

Do not bounce while stretching. It leads to a contraction that can result in muscle tear or pull.

Stretching Yoga


Cool down after exercise.

After warming up and then finishing your main workout, it is equally important to cool down correctly.

When your suddenly stop exercising, blood gathers in your muscle and oxygen is blocked. When this happens, you run the risk of having a heart attack.

So cooling down should have the same importance as warming up.


Exercise is good for your health.  

Everyone should be encouraged to pump it up, just remember all of the necessary precautions not only to maximise the workout, but also to stay safe and healthy.   

Please ensure that you are in a healthy enough condition to complete the exercise you wish to do.

Confirm with your medical practitioner before you start if you are unsure of your health condition.

Woman stretches



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