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How to Avoid skin changes when travelling by using mineral makeup

How You can Avoid skin changes when travelling, simply use mineral makeup

Love natural beauty and skincare? So do we! That's why we've partnered with Dusty Girls - a natural range of vegan-friendly, mineral makeup designed for women of all ages and skin types. Our February box features their Natural Mineral Lip Gloss which we know you will love! Keep reading for their top skin travel tips!

Whether you’re travelling for business or for pleasure, for 2 hours of for 20, flying can take a toll on the health of our skin, how it looks and the way it feels.

But there are certainly some steps that we can take to keep our glow, while on the go! Continue reading to learn more…

What causes this sudden change in our skin when travelling?

Change in Climate is one of the main culprits when it comes to variations in our skin behaviour. Often when travelling, we experience a change of temperature, humidity and sunlight which can all contribute to how our skin functions and reacts.

I know we mention it a lot, but it really does affect our bodies in so many ways. 

Stress shows up in our skin, and when travelling, we can be subjected to stressful situations.

Try and remain calm when things turn pear-shaped, leave a little extra time when calculating how long it will take you to get to the airport for example to avoid unnecessary chaos AND skin breakouts.

What we consume also affects how our skin looks, feels and functions.

When travelling we may not always have access to the healthy, fresh foods you are used to, but come prepared with some healthy snack options to avoid munching on processed or packaged foods.

Our skin is often exposed to more cooling or heating systems when travelling, particularly whilst flying.

This can certainly affect our skin’s moisture properties which is why it is important to keep your natural moisturiser handy at all times for the face and body.

These are just some of the factors that can affect our skin while travelling.

So now we’re aware of what can affect the skin, let’s talk about what we can do to maintain our skin health and prevent this from occurring.  

What can I do to maintain my skin health?

Before take-off

Keeping the skin hydrated is key. If you have the opportunity, exfoliate your skin the night prior to your journey and whip up a face mask using some natural, moisturising ingredients such as avocado, lemon and coconut oil.

Mindful packing

Keep in mind when packing for your getaway that your skin can be under a bit of stress, so make sure you bring products that are gentle on the skin, offer intense moisturising properties and sun protection for during the day.

Go bare, baby

Fresh is always best. Removing makeup before flying is always recommended, this will ensure you have no excess oil, dirt or bacteria sitting on the skin that may cause congestion or irritation.

It also means that you have a fresh, clean base to apply your moisturiser during your flight.

If you would prefer to keep up your coverage while flying or travelling, opt for a lightweight, nourishing formula that offers moisture and smooths your complexion.

We suggest the Earth Cream Tinted Moisturiser to maintain moisture and hydration in flight while still providing a beautiful coverage.

Maintaining skin moisture

If you’re on a long-haul flight it is important to keep your skin hydrated throughout your journey.

Natural, moisturising oils such as Rosehip or Evening Primrose will do the job and then some!

You can then apply your moisturiser over the top for further skin nourishment and health benefits.

Don’t forget to show the hands some love too, they are super susceptible to dryness while flying.

The lips need love

Don’t go anywhere without a little something for your lips.

Make sure your formula is packed full of natural, moisturising oils and quality, edible ingredients! My lips love the Argyle Pink Vegan Lip Shine to keep them silky smooth with a hint of pink for some instant glam.

Drink up

Keeping up your water levels is so important when on the move. So how much water should you be consuming? Women should have at least 9 cups (72 ounces) of water every 24 hours. Sometimes when travelling it can slip our mind, but it is so important for our skin and overall health to remain on top of our water intake. This will also make your skin look and feel much better too!

Keep your hands where they are!

It sounds simple, but try and avoid touching your face with your hands (they are a BIG carrier or germs and bacteria). On that note, having a natural anti-bacterial handy at all times is an absolute must! Check this one out.


Caring for your skin is just as important once you reach your destination. As soon as you have the chance, cleanse your skin and reapply your favourite skin oil and moisturiser to keep up your skin health.

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