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How to avoid Bloating, The Top 10 Anti Bloating Foods

Thank you to our Wellness Partner Emma Sutherland for this great article. 

How to avoid Bloating, The Top 10 Anti Bloating Foods

Unfortunately most of us experience bloating every now and again.

Whether that's around TOM (time of month), due to food sensitivity or otherwise, bloating can be uncomfortable, annoying and make us feel down.

Naturopath Emma checked the research and decided on a list of foods that were therapeutically placed to beat the bloat!

Let us know what works for you in the comments below!

Peppermint tea – peppermint has a natural anti gas effect

Pineapple – contains bromelains, an enzyme that aids protein digestion

Watermelon – the high water content helps remove excess sodium

Ginger – nature’s best digestive aide

Cucumber – has quercetin, a bioflavonoid which reduces swelling

Banana – rich in potassium, which helps to offset excess sodium and high in vitamin B6, a natural diuretic

Papaya – papain enzymes break down protein in the gut, reducing fermentation of undigested food in the colon

Asparagus – natural diuretic and kidney tonic

Fennel – add seeds to your food as it relaxes gut spasms and allows gas to move through the colon

Avoid dairy – lactose intolerance is a sure fire way to feel bloated!

Eat Anti-Bloating food for Good Health, for more tips visit other Blogs

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  • Feb 22, 2019
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