How the Lack of Self Care Can Lead to an Unhappy Life

“How the Lack of Self Care Can Lead to an Unhappy Life”

Well you may be asking, What’s this Article Mini-Series is all about?

Welcome to this First Article about Self-Care and it's been written for you by Beautifully Well Box,

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This is Number 1 

“How the Lack of Self Care Can Lead to an Unhappy Life”

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We don’t and can’t give you all the answers, this is just some thoughts to make you question yourself about your own self-care.

Self-care doesn't have to be complicated or difficult.

It might take a little bit of extra planning (especially if you're busy), but it's not a luxury that's too exclusive for your life. 

Self-care doesn't need to be pricey, most self-care just takes a bit of time.

It just needs to be something that becomes a routine priority in your life.

This is about you, for you, to give you some insight into self-care and why you should develop your own personal Self-care routine.

Discover why self-care is so important in your life and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

It’s about you, and about your own personal Self care.

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Article5. How to Balance Practicing Personal Self Care, with a Busy Lifestyle

  Ok enough intro, get into the body and start reading….

 How the Lack of Self Care Can Lead to an Unhappy Life

Self Care | Beautifully Well Box

Self-care is often seen as a luxury, but ask yourself, why is that?

When you know you already love a slice of self-indulgence!

But did you also know that Self Care can also lead to a longer, healthier, happier life?

Without self-care, you’re likely to end up feeling:

  • stressed,
  • tired,
  • and generally unhappy.

Here, in this episode we’ll look at how a lack of self-care can lead to an unhappy life.

You will also learn some of the early signs to watch out for, that will indicate to you that you need more self-care in your life.

Insufficient Self Care…You’ll feel stressed and exhausted.

When you aren’t taking care of yourself, giving yourself the self-care you deserve, you’ll often find you feel stressed and exhausted.

This in turn can lead to burnout, and a feeling of resentment.

As an example, if you are exhausted from taking care of everyone else’s needs, Parents, Spouse, children, friends etc. etc., and neglecting yourself

Over time this pressure builds up, if you don’t factor in your own self-care, you could quite easily end up resenting your loved ones.

When you are constantly exhausted and stressed out, it’s impossible to maintain a positive outlook on life and your environment.

Self-care not only helps to combat stress, it can also boosts your energy levels and make's life more satisfying.. 

Your Personal hygiene May suffer.

One of the side effect’s of not allowing for and following a good self-care routine, is that your personal hygiene could eventually suffer.

This is especially true for those of you that may experiencing depression.

When you are depressed or feeling low, personal self-care and hygiene is often the last thing on your mind.

In severe cases, you could end up spending days in bed, failing to do even the most basic of self-care tasks such as taking a shower, or brushing your teeth, washing cloths and basic housework.

The trouble is, this simple failure to take care of yourself compound’s and lead’s you on a spiral path downwards to make you feel even worse and worse as time goes by.

In essence, maintaining self-care is very crucial for your mental health and personal hygiene.

Depressed I bet you’ll seek unhealthy enjoyments.

Another event that tends to happen when you are in a lack self-care mode, is trying to dig yourself out of the depressed state you are in by seeking unhealthy enjoyment.

It could be overindulging in junk mood food because it makes you feel better you know, the ice-cream, the cakes, the chips, the fizzy drinks, tastes nice but not good for you

Or you could turn to alcohol or drugs to escape, Alcohol is a depressant which can and will leave you feeling a lot worse than when you started, think hangover’s and dead brain cells, and drugs, well I don’t want to go any where near that subject, and in reality, neither should you.

Guarantee is you’ll also feel unhappier, and less fit, particularly if you drink in excess.

When you start turning to unhealthy bad habits for comfort, be it food, alcohol, drugs, or other bad desires it’s going to lead you to other additional issues.

Misery can = Weight gain

Many people who don’t or won’t take care of themselves, experience some level of weight gain.

In most cases the more weight you gain, the more unhappiness you are going to feel about yourself, your body and image, which leads to junk food indulgence, to more weight, to……….

Once you have accumulated extra weight it can be difficult to lose and trim down.

So, by having a focus on self-care you will help yourself to avoid this developing challenge.

No Self Care = You never feel good enough

Never good enough self care

Self-care is something you do because you are worth it and deserve it.

Therefore, if you fail to take care of yourself, you ultimately fail yourself, you can easily end up feeling like you are never are or were good enough. A very self-destructive feeling

As you are constantly tired and juggling life’s responsibilities, you may feel like you are a failure, or you simply don’t measure up to others.

These are just some of the things that can happen when you don’t follow a self-care routine.

The effects can be severe, causing you to lead an unhappy and unfulfilled life.

In a nutshell this is it!

If you are looking to lead a happier, healthier life, don’t procrastinate.

Now is the time to start focusing on your personal needs and making self-care a priority


 So, there you have it, short and sweet, the first Article in this Mini-Series.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed it and Want more.

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''Why the First Step to Change is to Recognize the Need’’


Pleas Note: The tips offered in this article are for general information only and should not be considered as medical or psychological advice.

For more personalized recommendations appropriate to your individual situation, please obtain professional guidance.

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