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3 Reasons Why People With no Self Care Strategies Fail So Badly.

3 Reasons Why People With no Self Care Strategies Fail So Badly.

So I hear you asking, What’s this Article Mini-Series all about?

Welcome to this forth Article written for you by Beautifully Well Box,

Article 4. ‘’3 Reasons Why People Fail So Badly at Taking Care of Themselves’’

It’s written for you, it’s for you to discover why having Self Care Strategies is so important and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. We don’t and can’t give you all the answers, just the thoughts to make you question yourself.

It’s about you, to give you some insight into self-care and why you should develop your own personal Self-care routine.

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Ok enough intro, onwards and forwards let’s get into the body and start reading….


3 Reasons Why People Fail So Badly at Taking Care of Themselves

Even when you know how important self-care is to your wellbeing, it isn’t always easy to incorporate it into your daily routine.

In fact, did you know many people totally fail when it comes to taking care of themselves?

There are many reason’s why people fail, motivation, effort, self-doubts, attitude, other people, plus many more.

Here, were going to look at why the 3 most common reason’s people generally fail when it comes to self-care and the main things that are holding them back.


Self-Care is often perceived as selfish

One of the main reasons people fail to take care of themselves is because they feel it is selfish.

‘Self-care can is often seen by others as selfish because most of us have been taught to take care of others before we take care of ourselves.

What most people don’t know is that self-care is incredibly crucial for a healthy life.

Women, especially mothers with children and a spouse, often are obligated to be caretakers through no direct choice of their own.

And often shifting the balance from caring for everyone else to caring for yourself can feel uncomfortable for many women.

If you don’t properly care for yourself, your body will let you know.

But it could be that you feel guilty when you take time to focus on you.

Or, you may worry what other people think, my motto here is – ‘’what other people think of me is their problem’’

Or you may think you are a terrible parent for not focusing solely on your children’s needs.

It is a total myth that self-care is selfish.

In fact, it can help you to be a better person, employee, business person, parent, friend, spouse or relative.

The more you take care of yourself, the easier you’ll find it is to take care of others.

Then they will love you all the more for the attention you give them.

You’ll also be teaching your children a very strong life’s lesson, the importance in life of self-care, of looking after oneself.

Teaching them to take care of their own needs is a crucial life skill that’s going to help them to grow up to be happier adults.


It requires effort.

Attitude and Effort give Self Care Strategies

There is no getting away from the fact that self-care does take some level of effort in the beginning.

It is important to remember that self-care is not always easy.

While some simple self-care activities can be taking baths or doing activities to relax, other self-care activities might include changing behaviours, setting up boundaries, or re-framing perspectives.

These activities take energy and effort – and while the outcomes might have long-term positive gains, short-term these self-care activities can be exhausting.

When you not used to making self-care a priority, you’re going to need to make quite a few changes to your routine, and change with the wrong attitude can be and is very difficult.

Self Care is a shift in attitude, a bit more of the ‘’I Need This, It’s Good For My SOUL’’

Coming up with a self-care plan can often feel like a chore, which makes it easy to put it off. ‘’If you plan, you have plan to succeed, no plan is a plan to failure’’

However, there are ways to reduce the effort.

For example, focusing on one thig you want to improve at a time can really help.

Perhaps you’d like to start working out more? Scheduling time to exercise as soon as you wake up for example, can be a great start.

Or, if you’re looking to drink more water and less alchohol, focus on that goal first.

If you break down your self-care tasks, it makes them much easier, start with the easy small things to change, this will reduce a lot of the effort involved.

Don’t over complicate the issue, use the KISS formula, Keep it Simple!

If you are having trouble catching up on self-care, or you are feeling like your self-care plan is slipping, cut yourself some slack.

You are doing what you can – and there is nothing more you can ask of yourself.


Different approaches work for different people

 Every and every one of us is different, which means we enjoy and dislike different things.

When you initially look at examples of self-care, you’ll find a lot of them relate to things like reading a book or taking a hot bubble bath.

These types of activities aren’t for everyone so you might feel self-care really isn’t for you.

Self-care isn’t just bubble baths, yoga, and meditation.

It is anything and everything that relaxes and takes care of you, and makes you feel better and more relaxed.

So, if you find going for a run or exercising is a more effective way of feeling good, that would be classed as a self-care task.

If you find one self-care approach isn’t working, try something else. Self-care should be personal to your own needs. What makes one person happy is not always going to make you happy.

These are some of the most common reasons people fail to take good care of themselves.

Here are 5 simple easy to do tips you can use for your self-care and include:

Self Care Strategy ideas
  1. Live Healthy, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and avoid drugs and alcohol. Manage stress and go for regular medical check-ups.
  2. Practice good hygiene. Good hygiene is important for social, medical, and psychological reasons in that it not only reduces the risk of illness, but it also improves the way others view you and how you view yourself.
  3. See friends to build your sense of belonging. Consider joining a support group to make new friends.
  4. Try to do something you enjoy every day. That might mean dancing, watching a favorite TV show, working in the garden, painting or reading.
  5. Find ways to relax, like meditation, yoga, getting a massage, taking a bath or walking in the woods.

It can be difficult overcoming the initial barriers of change to self-care.

However, once you fully understand what and how important self-care is to you, then with thought and planning you’ll find it much easier to stick to a good sensible self-care routine.


So, there you have it, more thoughts and some possible actions you can take in the this Article of this Mini-Series.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed creating it and if you want more its coming.

The next you can read is below. Article 5 –

‘’How to Balance Practicing Personal Self Care, with a Busy Lifestyle’’


Note: The tips offered in this article are for general information only and should not be considered as medical or psychological advice. For more personalized recommendations appropriate to your individual situation, please obtain professional guidance.


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