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Meal Prepping Recipes with Mingle

Thank you to Mingle Seasoning, featuring in our November 2019 and May 2021 BWB, for this terrific article.

Meal Prepping Recipes with Mingle

Mingle Meal Prepping Recipes can be a great way to eat healthy, affordable home-cooked meals throughout a busy week.

With simple prep each week you can stock up your fridge and freezer with meals to keep you on track for a healthy week.

But nothing is more frustrating than prepping the same old meals and never getting any flavour.

I mean eating lunch is still meant to be tasty right!

Enter Mingle Seasoning.

It tastes amazing, is All-Natural with no-nasties and is as simple as shaking it onto your protein or veggies.

We're talking Keto diet friendly, Vegan and even Gluten Free.

We're also talking less than 10 seconds to get amazing flavour on your chicken or roast veggies.

We're here to help you shake things up with your meal prepping. 

How it works:

Mingle Seasoning wanted to find a way to add flavour meals quickly and healthily but without the calories, sugar, high amounts of salt and all the nasties that are generally found in seasoning blends. 

Mingle Seasoning allows you to add flavour to your meals quickly and healthily but without all the nasties!

See how Revie Jane adds Mingle Seasoning to her meal prep and shakes it on vegetables and protein for all natural, great tasting flavour in this video.

Meal prep can be a great way to eat healthy, affordable home-cooked meals and Sarah shares how easy it really is to whip up a delicious, tasty meal in 10 minutes with turkey mince, Sahara Moroccan Seasoning (FODMAP friendly), zucchini, sweet potato and a side salad as part of her meal prep in her latest "Body Update & Healthy Eating/ Project Comeback.  Yum!

Why Use Mingle Seasoning?

Mingle Seasoning is easy to use and tastes delicious.

You'll be adding flavour to all of your meals in no time! Plus its free from fillers, all natural, gluten free and vegan! 

Other Mingle Recipes.

You can find out more about the fantastic Mingle Seasonings Here

See how other people are Meal Prepping on @mingleseasoning using Mingle #letsmingle 

  • Nov 19, 2019
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